Friday, April 3, 2009

Illuminations haul.

As some of you know, Illuminations is closing down. Illuminations was one of the first candle stores I ever went to (if I remember correctly, me & my younger brother accidentally stumbled on it at the Valley Fair Mall back in 99' or 00' because I was drawn to the chocolate scent coming from it) and it started my obsession with candles. Before all other obsessions I've had in my life, candles came first. And it's still going strong. It upset me to find out that last year Yankee Candle bought them out considering that I think YC sucks! Their only good collection was their Home Collection (Rice Milk!) which discontinued. And it saddens me that now they're closing down for good! So of course, I had to go a little nuts and get my hands on everything I wanted! They had a scent called "Coffee & Cream" and I couldnt find it anywhere, so I guess it was discontinued. Sometimes its a good thing I buy things without telling my bf! Haha.

  • Jar candle in Meyer Lemon
  • Jar candle in Almond Biscotti (which semi melted in my car, booo!)
  • 3 pillar candles in Ambiance Aromatherapy (my fav!)
  • 2 tin can candles in Ambiance
  • Tin can candle in Relaxation
  • Six pack of votive candles in Ambiance
  • Four pack of tea lights in Fresh Air
This isnt even all of it. I left 3 packs of floating candles in my car (probably a bad idea now that I think about it). I think there's a pillar candle there too in probably Relaxation. There was a pillar candle right across from me that I forgot to include in the picture of Relaxation, 3 other pillars hidden somewhere in my room of Ambiance/Relaxation and one 6 pack votive in Relaxation.

Ambiance is my favorite scent from Illuminations. Its a mix of Orange & Lemongrass and it smells kinda like Starburst. Seriously, my whole room smells like it right now haha its extremely heavenly!

Goodbye Illuminations, you will be greatly missed.

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