Friday, April 3, 2009

MAC SugarShot haul.

I went a little overboard with this collection, at least a little more than I expected to...

  • Eyeshadow in Aquavert.
  • MSF in Perfect Topping.
  • Shadestick in Lemon Chiffon.
  • Lipglass in Consume Me {x2}.
  • Lipglass in Just Dessert.
  • Lipglass in Triple Yum.
  • Lipstick in Lollipop Loving.

I actually did my first haul video on this collection. I'll be posting it on my youtube shortly.

I was excited to get the Lemon Chiffon Shadestick because Lemon Chiffon just so happens to be my favorite ice cream flavor!

I was going to get the Sugar Shot and the Stars & Rockets eyeshadows but I found out they're in the permanent collection so I didnt. I decided to instead buy all of the permanent collection eyeshadows (that I want) in refill form instead of buying them with the bulky packaging. I know I could depot them and back-to-MAC them but I really dont want to run the risk of messing them up.

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