Friday, January 2, 2009

Fruits & Passion haul

So I was reading a magazine (I think it was the free Allure subscription when you buy stuff from ELF) and I saw an ad for Fruits & Passion and so I checked out the website and it sounded like a lot of the stuff would smell good, so I made an order lol.

So I bought the top two things which was...

  • Mini Discovery Ritual Apple
  • Gift Set Toilette
Then the bottom three were samples
  • Eau De Fruits Georgia Peach
  • Body Souffle in Green Tea
  • Regenerating Hand Cream in Ginger

The gift set (on the left) is this really cute red bag and on the zipper is this cute tube of roll on perfume. Inside was a body cream & a body wash in Ritual Apple. And the toilette (on the right) is a set of 3 small body sprays in.... okay I dont know cause I cant find it lol! Sorry!

But if you're interested in it, here's the website =)

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