Thursday, December 11, 2008

Valley Fair haul & Sephora order haul!

I loveloveLOVE Valley Fair Mall, its so hard to leave empty handed! I swear! OMG!

  • All is Calm Aromatherapy set from Bath & Body Works
  • Bath & Body Works nail polish remover pads
  • Bath & Body Works Shimmer Splash in Cool Kiwi Berry
  • Lush Dream Cream
  • To Write Love On Her Arms shirt from Hot Topic
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner set in VIP from Macys

The cool thing about this haul is the only thing I had to pay full price for was the shirt and the Lush. I got all the Bath & Body Works stuff for $3.23!! And I got the UD eyeliner set for like $7. I love gift cards & mail coupons!

I decided to include this in here too since, it would be pointless to make it a whole other entry. So this is the order Sephora screwed up on and sent me TWO OF THE SAME ORDER but charged me for one. And me being honest, I returned the second set. I mean really, what was I gonna do with it? Of course someone wasnt too happy with that lol.

  • On 10 Tootsie Roll lip balm set
  • Philosophy Soda Fountain lip gloss set (Cherry Cola, Root Beer Float & Fruit Punch)
  • Tootsie Pop lip gloss
  • Free 10 trial of Bare Minerals foundation (even though I know I hate it, hey it was free!)
  • Free Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero

The eyeliner is what I was really excited about and what they messed up my order with. They told me it was out of stock so that's when I had bought the VIP set from Ulta... then I get this package THE DAY AFTER I BOUGHT VIP. So yeah, I was pretty... pissed about that...


TanyaLasagna said...

HOLY JINKIES. Dang, girl! You've definitely been hauling! LOL. Love the stuff you got! and I've only been to Valley Fair twice, but I have not gotten to satisfy my craving my MAC and Sephora there ><;;

You're so lucky; you have all the Urban Decay liners now!

TanyaLasagna said...

The bright color is the gold color from Coastal Scents; 'Metallic Olivia Powder' =)