Monday, April 6, 2009

Lame shopping day.

So first I went to Sephora and I returning something. You know how normally Sephora's return policy you're able to return something at any time? Well I didn't have my invoice with me at the time of return & I figured it wouldn't be a big deal since normally they just give me store credit... so the cashier was helping me and when she had announced I didn't have my invoice the cashier next to her hella butt in and was like "oh I'll help her" and she wouldn't let me get store credit just an exchange and she had the worst attitude with me the whole time. So I got a brush and UDPP as an exchange and she scanned my Insider card, gave me my birthday gift & when I asked if there was still the bubble bath she responded "uh no. This is the only one we have" & made a sour face at me. Whatever. Bitch!

I went to MAC at Macys for the 188 and the lady helping me grabbed the 182. Then the 187. I pointed out where it was and she grabbed the 182 again! Then she goes "see what happens when you go on a 10 minute break?" uhhh... no, not really. I don't think I ever went on break and forgot the details of my job.

Oh and Benefit's Erase Paste sucks. I'm on a search for a decent concealer.

Typing on my sidekick sucks. Talk about killing my eye sight. Or it might have been that nap I took in the car lol.

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