Sunday, January 4, 2009

Second Etsy purchase.

  • Strawberry heart soap sampler
  • Bag of Marshmallow soaps
  • Caramel Yummy Roll on Perfume
  • Caramel lip balm treat

Lately I've been really into making my own soaps. I havent actually attempted just yet, but I plan to soon.

Again, fast shipping... the soap smell sooo good. The roll on has that hot buttery caramel smell. The lip balm though, I didnt like. It felt too greasy and when I applied it, it smashed easily. You know how like when you keep a lip balm in the heat for too long? Except, without the heat. It didnt taste much like caramel either. Everything else, I'm happy with.

I got it from here.

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Anastacia said...

this soap goodies looks soo pretty! mmm