Sunday, January 4, 2009

Final ELF haul

I decided, that ELF isnt really worth spending so much money on. I just get carried away because everything is $1. I mean, its like going to the dollar store and walking down the candy isle, you just go nuts for no reason! So, this is my last ELF haul (I mean I think I'd still buy brushes and stuff, but no more major big hauls like the last few I've had).

I dont really like the Pineapple Mango hand soap, I dont even like the smell. I shoulda tried it in lotion, but I figured since I had the Vanilla Coconut I should probably get it in something else. Ehhh. I pretty much just got this haul for the promotion for the free fandango/ gift cards.

Yeah, that's pretty much it lol.

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