Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coastal Scents haul

So. Yeah. Uhm lol!

  • Colorona Light Blue Mica (28.35G)
  • Rouge Flambe Mica (28.35G)
  • Summit Turquoise Mica (28.35G)
  • Radiant Gold Mica (28.35G)
  • Sifter jars 10G square base (set of 10)
  • Gel Liner in Sexy Pink
  • Gel Liner in Turquoise

Imagine how surprised I was to find they were THAT big! For $5?! Dude, screw MAC! Hahaha.

I was trying to get the blue one into a jar and it like, clung together and spilled. I tried to shove as much bag into the original jar as I could but man, now I have random blue spots on my carpet. Oh, sadness! The Turquoise Mica is white but it shimmers turquoise. It's pretty neat. I'm thinking of getting the other ones (grr now I'm addicted lol).

Oh yah and my free sample was also a Mica, I dont remember what it was though, sorry!


TanyaLasagna said...

DAHM GIRL! LOL. My blog following thingie was FLOODED with all your haul posts!! ahaha. LOVEEEE THEM!!<3 Lol. But seriously. We gotta stop .____. I will stop recommending products to you. ahaha.

Except.. now you got me lemming for those Coastal Scents mica pigments x____x

Chef Ray said...

I was going to say "Let's go paint something" but it was just your make up set lol! jk :)

Anonymous said...

oh these are cool!!