Thursday, December 11, 2008

Claires & Too Faced

I totally hate how all of my haul's are all out of order haha. But oh well this is what I get for lagging! I'm going to combine these two because really there's not much to say about either of them.

So I had my eyes on these palettes for hella long. And since Claires always has these "buy one get one 1/2 off" stuff I of course, got two.

The bottom one is full of pastel colors and they're.... okay. Well, they're really light and they dont show up too well. I dont know if its cause they're light/pastel or if they just suck. But I'll do a better review of them once I actually get around to using them a bit more.

The top one is bright/bold colors and I assumed it would be pretty pigmented, at least when I swatched it, it was. The brighter/bolder colors of course, show up better than the rest. But again, I gotta use it a bit more...

This is the Too Faced Galaxy Eyeshadows. I actually got these off the Victoria Secret site. These three are in: Deep Space, Moon Beam & Super Nova. I dont really know how to use these and I dont wanna ruin the nice color effect... but they're pretty cool colors. I got 2 more that arent pictured here. Magenta Moon and Shooting Star.


TanyaLasagna said...

Those shadows are .. SO COOL. ohmyflipping gosh! I wanna just jump into them! and go meet Wall E.


Rai said...

I have that top palette from Claire's and I love it!
They blend pretty good, too.