Monday, October 27, 2008

First Cherry Culture haul.

I placed my first Cherry Culture order about a week ago and it's finallyyyy here!!! I spent about $43 (to get free shipping of course!) and I got a bunch of NYX stuff!

Here's a picture of everything.
  • 2 NYX eye pencil's: extreme black & purple
  • NYX felt tip liner
  • 2 NYX palettes: aquamarine & baby pink/barely there/cotton candy
  • NYX lipstick: cream
  • NYX eyeshadow: hollywood
  • 2 NYX ultra pearl's: baby pink & white
  • 2 NYX fruit glosses: cherry & peach
  • Blah Blah lip condition: green apple,
  • LA Gear jumbo pencil sharpener
  • Sinful eyeshadow: guava
  • A free Cherry Culture lipgloss: Cherry.

And here's a picture of just the NYX stuff =).

I'm really excited about the felt tip liner, I was trying to order it on the NYX site but they were sold out so I was happy to see it on!

Hm, I would do reviews but I'm still a makeup beginner so I wouldnt really know what to say... and I cant really compare it to MAC since I dont own many MAC products. I'm better at hauling lol. But I'll see what I can do.

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